There are three easy ways to enroll:

  1. You can fill out the New Member Enrollment Form, which can be found under the “New Member Enrollment Form” link on our website.
  2. Call 1-888-239-7690, and we can enroll you right over the phone!
  3. Email us at customerservice@homescripts.com.

We can accept your Enrollment Form electronically via the website, mail, email or fax.

  • If your prescriptions are currently at another pharmacy:  We can call and have them transferred for you.  All we need is your pharmacy name and number, and which medications you would like us to transfer.  This information can be filled out in Step 5 of the Enrollment Form, or you may request this transfer on our website.
  • If you have brand new prescriptions: You can send them in the mail, or have your prescriber call your prescriptions in to Homescripts, or fax them directly to 1-877-396-5970.
  • If you need refills on an existing medication:  we can call your prescriber’s office and request the refills for you!  Just let us know.

No. State laws require that faxed prescriptions can only be accepted from your prescriber’s office.

Your copays are dependent upon your individual plan structure and if you get a 90-day supply, your copay should be 2x your normal copay.

  • Convenience: Homescripts delivers directly to your home at no additional charge.
  • Safety: Registered pharmacists dispense and validate each order, while checking for potential drug allergies and interactions.
  • Friendly, Convenient and Courteous Customer Service

For 90-day supplies, we ask that you allow seven (7) business days from the time Homescripts receives your request for the shipping of your prescriptions.  Therefore, when placing your order, you should have a 10-14 day supply of that medication on hand.


For 30-day supplies, we ask that you allow three (3) business days from the time Homescripts receives your request.  Therefore, when placing your order, you should have a seven (7) day supply of that medication on hand.


Fill out Section 4 of the Enrollment Form with your credit card information.  We can also accept payment by credit card over the phone.  We accept Visa, MC, American Express and Discover.  For other payment options, please call us.

MyHomescripts is the recommended way to order your prescription refill. You can also contact us at CustomerService@Homescripts.com to obtain your refill.

You can opt for automatic refills, in which case we will automatically send what you are due for each month. If you don’t want automatic refills, just call us at 888-239-7690 and we will process your refill!


We understand emergencies happen, and we are willing to work with you.  In this event, please contact Homescripts directly at 1-888-239-7690.

Need to expedite your order? Expedite options include:

  • $20 for overnight
  • $12 for 2 days
  • $8 for 3 days